Sprint Corporation

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Sprint is a wireless and wireline telecommunication provider empowering local, state and federal government agencies with innovative solutions such as Emergency Response Team (ERT), Wireless Priority Service (WPS) and Fleet / Asset Tracking.

Contact Information

6200 Sprint Parkway Overland Park, Kansas, United States 66251

phone: view phone877-633-1102

website: https://business.sprint.com/industry/government/




Sprint is a wireless and wireline telecommunication provider and for over 100 years, Sprint has been meeting and exceeding the needs of customers.

Sprint is empowering local, state and federal government agencies to give their employees a better way to work. And it’s changing the way they work with citizens. Our range of services include:

• Smartphone and tablet solutions that make secure, instant communication between government employees easy and mobile.
• Reliable connectivity that helps your people get more done, even when they’re on the move.
• And comprehensive mobility-management solutions that make it easier to manage any device your employees want to carry.

We’re helping government agencies of all sizes connect their employees in more efficient ways so they can deliver the kind of services their citizens deserve.

Sprint is approved on hundreds of state and local contracts so procuring these solutions is easy. Additionally, Sprint works with group purchasing organizations (GPOs) and alliances, making available discounts on select regularly priced Sprint monthly service for some government entities. Get in touch with your purchasing contract administrator or a Sprint representative to find out which Sprint GPO discounts are available for your agency.

We offer:
• ERT – Unique to Sprint, the Emergency Response Team (ERT) provides short-term wireless telecommunications equipment, infrastructure and operations support to federal, state and local government entities, public safety officials, law enforcement, military and private corporations. These services can be deployed during business continuity and recovery efforts, declared emergencies, agency-specific events, field training exercises, National Special Security Events and pre-planned events.

• Wireless Priority Service - Sprint is an authorized provider of Wireless Priority Service (WPS) – created by the Department of Homeland Security to give critical voice calls a higher connection priority. So our customers who need to get important voice calls through during a crisis, can get this service for free.

• Pro-dapt – Sprint teams with the Prodapt solution to customize solutions for public sector agencies. The solution makes use of high-speed wireless network and a variety of sensors, including motion sensors, gun-lift sensors, body-worn cameras, etc. These sensors are seamlessly integrated with Prodapt’s IoT frameworks, Synapt Connect, Middleware, Service Manager, and Data Lake, in order to deliver the desired benefits.

• Fleet & Asset Tracking Solutions--Sprint can help you discover a smarter way to monitor and manage your entire remote fleet. Tracking and recording their every move in order to, maximize fuel and field worker efficiency, ensure driver safety and compliance with regulations, and make processes and people more productive.