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As a leading provider of public sector procurement solutions, we offer BuySpeed, a full source-to-pay eProcurement software suite, serve as the sole custodian of the NIGP Commodity/Services Code, and offer NIGP consulting services and implementation.

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At Periscope Holdings, Inc. our purpose is to eradicate waste and bring value to every dollar spent by our clients. Periscope provides eProcurement solutions that, when used concurrently, bring about procurement transformation. Periscope offers BuySpeed, an eProcurement and Sourcing software suite; serves as the sole custodian and administrator of the NIGP Commodity/Services Code; partners with the NIGP to provide consulting services proven to align business practices; and provides essential implementation services. Our mission is to improve your procurement process and save your organization money while enhancing transparency for your stakeholders. We work to increase your efficiency, decrease your expenditures, and help your procurement solutions perform optimally and openly.

BuySpeed™ is your solution for streamlining processes, increasing visibility, and improving cost control. Used by purchasing professionals at states, cities, counties, school districts, political subdivisions, and higher education systems, BuySpeed™ is the ultimate source-to-pay software. It provides all major functions in one integrated solution and is fully configurable and flexible to serve your procurement needs. Rated #1 for public sector use by Gartner, it’s designed to manage vendors, requisitions, solicitations, purchase orders, contracts and inventory. The solution includes: BuySpeed eProcurement, Sourcing, eCatalog, Inventory, Invoicing, Vendor Management, Contract Management, and Business Intelligence & Reporting.

The NIGP Commodity/Services Code is the solution that, when coupled with your procurement software package, will bring the highest levels of order and efficiency to your overall procurement process. The Code offers you unparalleled coding structure for standardized purchasing. It is a powerful, industry-leading tool that can be leveraged for effective supplier/vendor management, requisition, sourcing, purchase order/contract management, spend analysis, inventory, content management, and “green” spend tracking.

NIGP consulting services focus on the various challenges met in the procurement processes of public sector entities. The program offers an unmatched level of expertise in the procurement industry. All of our professionals possess an abundance of knowledge and experience through direct roles in public procurement, which guarantee an understanding of your organization’s unique circumstances and raise the bar on effectiveness. Offerings include reviews and recommendations around: Enabling legislation and statutes, organization and staffing, management reporting and forecasting, interdepartmental relationships, benchmarking and best practices, performance evaluation, purchasing policies and procedures, records management, purchasing system/technology preparedness, and project management.

Periscope offers implementation services not only to help you make the most of our solutions, but also to comprehensively examine and enhance your procurement process. With our eProcurement optimization expertise, we will make sure everything about our system works to meet your organization’s needs. Our process-focused project management ensures that implementation occurs on-budget, on-time, and with utmost effectiveness. Additionally, we’ll help you align people, processes, and technologies to make your procurement solutions more efficient, more economical, and more interconnected.

The public sector has been ravaged by tumultuous economic conditions and budget cuts. Governments should implement creative solutions that will drive savings and create revenue. Public entities have the opportunity to automate procurement and transform their processes to discover cost savings, enable transparency, boost productivity, and improve competition for better pricing. To learn more about Periscope Holdings and our valuable solutions, please visit or contact